As a health services professional with over 34 years of experience in the field, Robb Evans is recognised and trusted for his authority in the health and fitness.  Robb specialises in  coaching people to reach their fitness goals through creating new sustainable habits, proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and effective resistance-training techniques.

Robb is the author of the Internationally Published book Awaken the Sexy Within.  The theme of the book is to have people look at their health and fitness in a different context.  Not just making it another ‘workout’  book but connecting with their mindsets to sexiness and what that means to them.  I created this 43-step blueprint to success for those seeking a transformation on how to define and awaken the sexy within by using my most effective strategies, tools, and techniques in order to master nutrition, workouts and mindset.

The book features:

  • How to plan a transformation with unstoppable success
  • The real secrets to eating one’s way to sexiness.
  • Strategies for overcoming all obstacles.
  • Complete meal plans.
  • Eight tools to drive results and be kept accountable.
  • 52 body transformation workouts.

Everyone wants to look sexy, feel sexy and be desired but most of the globe is sleeping and distracted from creating the level of health and sexiness they desire. It is time to awaken the sexy within!

Robb holds Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Boxing I and II, is qualified in training Older Adults is a Certified Weight Loss Management Agent for Lifestyles Technologies, a Certified Metabolic Precision Trainer & Athletic Conditioning Specialist and holds a certificate in Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals.

Robb prides himself on educating his clients so that they can live a fit and healthy lifestyle forever!  This includes coaching to create an unstoppable mindset of growth and success as well as implementing life-sustainable nutrition, strength and cardiovascular exercise through individually customised programs.

Robb has two children Emily and Olivia, and enjoys nothing more than helping them learn about their health and fitness, nutrition, exercise and how it plays such an important role in keeping them strong and healthy. His passion for nutrition, growing frustration with the increasing obesity epidemic and community spirit has driven Robb to create a number of unique programs including the Kids Munch It Nutrition Program and Family Food Rescue challenge.  Robb has donated over $250,000 in free health and fitness services within the Cardinia Shire since 2009.

Robb has a unique background. As well as being an Author and qualified Weight Loss Coach & Health Strategist, he is also a fully qualified Chartered Accountant who has over 19 years of Senior Management experience in large organisations. With his fitness and business experience, Robb brings a level of professionalism, maturity, customer service and focus that is often missing from the fitness industry to help you achieve your individual goals sooner! Robb has worked with children, teens, sedentary adults, baby-boomers, seniors and world class professional athletes.

Responding to the demand from his clients, Robb has set up “Studioz Personal Training” and “Pakenham Boot Camps For Women”. These businesses, based in Pakenham, provide advice, support and the opportunity to work out with a personal trainer in a boutique studio (Studioz), but also the opportunity to work outdoors in a boot camp with other supportive women (Pakenham Boot Camps For Women). Robb works with men and women of all ages and backgrounds. His approach is highly professional, ethical and his contagious enthusiasm, non-judgmental approach and genuine support has helped his clients achieve their goals of being leaner, fitter and happier.

Studioz Personal Training was awarded an Australian Fitness Industry Excellence Award – the People’s Choice Award for Victoria 2009 – this award involved 3,750 votes across 327 fitness businesses throughout Australia. Studioz was awarded the Judges Recognition Award at the 2010 Cardinia Business Awards, won the Health and Education section of the 2013 Cardinia Business Awards, and won a worldwide competition for Nutrition Counsellor of 2013 and was a finalist in the Melbourne South East Business Awards in 2014.

Robb is active with the local Cardinia Shire Council sitting on Boards, Committees and forming part of the Alumni for the Cardinia Leadership Program, aimed at providing better health and well-being outcomes for our community.

For all media enquiries: Robb Evans provides a lively and energetic interview and can be reached directly at (+61 421 287 107) or by email to (robb@studiozpt.test)

Here’s what Robb has to say:

Who else wants to lose between 5kg and 15kg in 12 weeks… GUARANTEED?

Would you like to get your health, energy, weight, and fitness levels back to where they used to be? Would you like to know how to stay healthy, fit and keep the weight off?

Are you looking for the truth about fitness? Have you been struggling with all the misinformation that you are bombarded with about how to get those last unwanted kilos off? Are you strapped for time and have been putting off taking care of yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you want to know the safest, most efficient method of stimulating your metabolism and for lasting weight loss, then you have come to the right place!

Nothing beats the inspiration and motivation that I can provide you through a personal training program in my exclusive privately owned studio or globally via our streamed coaching services programs. I stand proudly by my training and teaching methods and provide a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with YOUR results.

My philosophy to training is Supportive nutrition + Exercise + Coaching + Accountability = Results that last a life-time.

Don’t put it off any longer, contact me now and let’s get YOU started so that you can be the next Studioz Personal Training success story!

Take control of your destiny right now and change YOUR life forever with Studioz Personal Training!

To your health,

Robb Evans