Which Nutrition Products & Supplements Should I Use?

One of the biggest challenges many face when walking down the supplement aisle of a store is to work out what the heck is good, bad and just plain a waste of money!

The great news is that I have personally used the past 35 years to find the best available products to optimise your health. The reality is there are some great generic types of nutrition products that the majority of the population can take and greatly improve their overall health. Here at Studioz Personal Training, we don’t just want “better” we want the best! Along with your customised nutrition plan, we will customise a supplement program to support optimizing your health and your results.

I don’t provide recommendations on many products and there’s only ONE brand (Isagenix) I trust to put into my body. I use them every day!

Click HERE to be taken to our shop to browse the complete range of Isagenix supplements. If this is something you are doing for the very first time, I highly recommend that you take up our FREE offer of a Consultaiton so that we can understand your individual health and fitness goals and help you make the most suitable choice to suit your goals and budget.