Alex Campbell, 23 years old, Property Developer, Pakenham

In 12 weeks Alex lost 19.5kg in weight (18.8% weight loss), reduced body fat by 9.4% & lost a total of 69.5cm off chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms.

Alex lost 17.5kg in 10 weeks
“Training with Robb has been great.  I could not have achieved these results without him. He is friendly, motivating, encouraging and has insight and knowledge in how best to achieve the weight loss. I weighed 104kg when I first met Robb and now am currently 85.5kg, we achieved this in a period of time I wasn’t expecting (12 weeks – early January 2011). What a great way to start the New Year!
My advice to anyone considering weight loss is, if you are 100% committed to lose weight once and for all, or you want to achieve your own personal fitness / health goals, sit down and have a chat with Robb today.  You will, without question, be able to achieve your fitness goals.  The nutrition program Robb provided me was straight forward and easy to maintain with enjoyable foods.  I never really felt I was dieting but just eating healthily.  
The sessions with Robb in the gym are fantastic.  Training with him has been really great and I always feel I’m getting an awesome workout.  My before and after photos just seem unreal, and this was in 12 weeks!  I’m looking forward to 2011 and continuing my training with Robb so we can reach my goal weight of 80kg.  My lifestyle has changed noticeably and I feel like I am a different person.  I’m more confident in other aspects of my life, feeling happy and I’m enjoying every day life!”