Elaine Forbes, Mother, 48 years old, Pakenham

Elaine  has done a fantastic job and committing to her training and meal plan and has taken her body to places it hasn’t been in years!!  I still remember Elaine telling me how she felt muscles she never knew she had after that very first session.

In 9 weeks, Elaine lost 7.5kg in weight (9.1% weight loss) reduced body fat & lost a total of 31cm off her chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms.  But Elaine is not stopping there.  She loves her new look, how much more energy she has and how clothes that haven’t fitted for years are now feeling a bit loose!

There have been a couple of key things that Elaine has done to help ensure her consistent results; attended her 3 sessions of boot camp per week, talked to me straight away about getting an individually tailored meal plan for her, stuck to her meal plan and committed completely to each workout.  We’re all so proud of you at boot camp Elaine, you’re awesome!

Since joining boot camp it has been a very rewarding experience. Great friendships formed filled with s knowledge of nutrition and meal plans never leave you hungry and give you the stamina needed to exercise, helping me stay on track.

The exercise routines within each session are varied, making you work hard and sweat. Robb is great at motivating you to reach your own  goals so it is a very personalised experience.  I look forward to each boot camp session and love the fresh air.  I have gained life skills in nutrition and exercise that are not only helping me but benefiting my family as well.  Looking forward to working away the next ten kilos!  Great work Robb”.