Ian Silk, 38 years old,  Travel Consultant,  Pakenham

In 10 weeks Ian lost 9kg in weight (6.3% weight loss), reduced body fat by 2.1% & lost a total of 26.5cm off chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms.

                   Ian before & 10 week later

“10 weeks ago, prior to Studioz, I looked and felt lazy lethargic even go so far and extreme as to say exhausted, If I stopped moving literally, I would fall asleep.  I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and only months prior had undergone surgery for a hernia operation. This took place whilst I was wide awake because, due to my weight and my sleep Apnea, the Anesthetist refused to put me under general anesthetic.

It takes something drastic like the operation and the Sleep Apnea to shake you up and wake you up.  Watching a surgeon cut through you why you are wide awake and then pull and prod the layers of fat out of the way shocked me into reality.  10 weeks later and WOW!  9kgs lighter, 2.4% body fat less and a total of 27.5cm off my arms, legs waist and chest.  I feel great.  I hit a wall about week 6/7 but the good thing about being with Studioz is that I was never doing this journey alone, I had the accountability to myself as well as Robb.  Tihs helped me gain more momentum to get back on track and push even harder.  Thanks Studioz for everything you’ve done for me”.