Joe Barratt, 11 years old, Pakenham (testimonial provided by Joe’s parents, Fran & Geoff)

Joe wins back his self-esteem and self-confidence!

                             Joe having some fun after a tough workout!

“We purchased a voucher that Robb had donated to a local Kindergarten fundraising event, hoping to use it for our son Joe, who is 11 years old.  Joe was having trouble running; unable to keep-up with the other kids at school in games of chasey / tiggy, and always coming last in every foot race, being a long way behind everyone else.  Joe was getting very unhappy and upset, and wished he could just run faster. He was starting to feel embarrassed and demoralised.   Robb was tuned-in to how Joe’s problems with running were affecting his confidence,  self esteem and ability to make friends.

Robb empathised with Joe and very quickly established a rapport with Joe, and with us.  Robb quickly identified the problems with Joe’s running style and technique, and through videoing Joe’s running, Robb was able to clearly show all of us.  Robb was not just looking at improving Joe’s experiences for now, but was also focused on the physical problems Joe may have encountered in the future if things weren’t corrected now.  Robb developed a number of strategies that corrected the problems Joe was having.  He even sought advice from a client who is a professional runner who validated Robb’s findings and solutions, and gave Robb a couple of extra pointers to try.

Robb demonstrated a wonderful coaching ability.  He had realistic expectations of Joe and always gave positive feedback and praise.  Robb gave instructions in a way Joe could easily understand.  He was very patient, kind and generous with Joe and Joe found him very easy to talk to (as did we).  Robb made the sessions fun and interesting for Joe (and us).  We saw immediate results (in the second session) and definite improvements in Joe’s running, including style, technique, speed and confidence.  It was amazing how quickly Joe’s running improved. Robb’s facilities are excellent, and he even made use of his outdoor area as that was the best place to teach Joe.  Robb also spoke about nutrition and maintaining good health and again made it specific for 11 year old Joe.  This resulted in a number of positive changes in our household.  We hold Robb, with his knowledge, skills, experience and personal qualities in the highest regard.

The time spent with Robb was incredibly valuable and worthwhile and we are so thankful to have had this experience. We are all happier and healthier thanks to Robb.