Lisa Braaksma, 41 years old, Mother of 7, Nar Nar Goon,Lost 19kgs

Lisa Braaksma, 41 years old, Mother of 7, Nar Nar Goon,Lost 19kgs

Lisa is a great example of a focused woman on a mission to “win back” her body! Lisa is the mother of 7 children (yes that’s not a typo!) and has been consistently working on achieving her weight loss goal since 2012. As you can see from Lisa’s before and after photos, she has lost 19kg and had a dramatic reduction in centimeters from her entire body. Lisa has had an awesome increase in her strength and fitness and now has more energy to chase after her 7 kids!! Good things come to those that work consistently on sustainable healthy habits, such as following a sensible tailored nutrition plan and attending 3 days per week of our Women’s Only Boot Camp.

Lisa loves boot camp and says “I couldn’t have done this without you Robb. I’ve shrunk everywhere, thank you!!”   Excellent stuff Lisa, you look fabulous!!

Fast tract to almost a year ago: during September last year (September 11 actually); Lisa was involved in a car accident. She hit a tree that lay across the road, doing 80kms per hour at night.

As you can see from the x-ray in the photo, Lisa broke her C2 vertebrae and was unable to move without pain for many months. In fact, she almost lost her life.

Lisa has been a client for over five years and has achieved a remarkable transformation. This includes losing over 19kgs, improving her eating habits and dramatically improved her strength. Lisa, your never give up attitude and drive to get back into your training and become functionally strong again has been inspirational. We’re all so proud of you!

Lisa says: “I was told I was very fortunate not to have become a paraplegic in my accident, but after month six of my recovery, I came to realise what NO EXERCISE can do to one’s body. I was still eating healthy and keeping up with my current meal plan, but my clothes were getting tight, and the scales were climbing!

Not being able to exercise was incredibly frustrating. After three months, I was attending physiotherapy and was given minor exercises to strengthen my neck, but they didn’t focus on the areas that I wanted to lose fat.

After eight months, I was given the green light to start doing weight training with Studioz. I am so grateful for the strength I built prior to the accident as this has made my recovery faster and provided me with essential mobility. I am getting stronger every day thanks to the work with Studioz and BusyBody Physio. I am still alive AND determined to get my body, strength and fitness back to where I was before my accident, then make it better than ever!”