Louise, 29 years old, Sales Consultant, Pakenham

Louise has a great story of being “signed up” to boot camp by her sister but hasn’t looked back since day 1! Louise has lost a total of 11.7kg in just 11 weeks and reduced an amazing 39.5cm from her arms, chest, waist, hips and legs. Louise is well on the way to achieving her total weight loss goal and proves that hard work, dedication and focus is very powerful in achieving dreams!

Louise says “before boot camp I was tired, I wasn’t sleeping well, had no energy, even going for a walk would tire me out. But now it’s a huge difference – I feel great after each boot camp. I’m back into clothes that I haven’t worn for years! I never thought I’d be able to lose over 11kg in 11 weeks, it’s been amazing”. You’re an inspiration Louise!!