Neville Clements, Father of 4, 57 years old, Managing Director, Warragul

In 8 weeks Neville lost 7kg in weight (7.6% weight loss), reduced body fat by 3.8% & lost a total of 21.5cm off chest, waist, hips & thighs.

        Neville before & 8 weeks later

“I have been carrying extra weight since I gave up smoking some 7 years ago. The motivation to lose the weight was always there, just the timing was wrong. Once I made the commitment to the BBC, I had little difficulty in adhering to my diet and exercise. Since changing my ways and eating healthy foods, I have enjoyed the positive impact that it’s having on my day to day life. This challenge has helped me be more healthy and has enabled me to play sport and do physical work in a way I was not able to before BBC. I am continually getting comments from friends and colleagues telling me that I look good and that gives me the motivation to continue on to reach my final weight loss goal.”