Sue Neale, 47 yrs old, Business Owner, Berwick

Sue Neale, 47 yrs old, Business Owner, Berwick

Studioz saved my life!

“I love the outdoors and get involved in a few sporting activities that not too many women enjoy – I love hunting!  However, to be successful in
this sport, you need to fit and strong.  Achieving an increased level of strength and itness was a major goal for me, and losing weight as also a goal.  Robb has been able to damatically improve my fitness  wth a tailored program to suit me.

My fitness was put to a real-life test in Sept 2010.  During one of my hunting trips I had to cross a swollen river while carrying a full backpack and a rifle.  I was only about half way across when my feet were swept out from under me.  At that stage I wasn’t concerned as I was heading for shallow water where I thought I could get out.  Unfortunately that “plan” didn’t work because the current was far too strong to stop myself.
Instead I was swept into the deep part of the river and by now my backpack had filled up even more with water.

After being dragged down beneath the water twice, I knew I had to remove my backpack which meant I needed to first remove my rifle. So, while completely submerged for the third time I removed my two-way radio, my rifle (which was crossed over my shoulders & chest) and finally my backpack (which was double-clipped).  It took all my strength and energy to stop from sinking completely and to swim up while still carrying all that gear in my hands – thank God for squats and leg presses!

I did take water into my lungs and yes, I honestly thought I was going to die.  So I paddled as hard as I could until I came clear of the water, laid straight onto my back and slowly made my way across the current til I reached the bank – about 80 metres downstream from where I  went in.   If this little “adventure” had happened a couple of months earlier, I would not be here today to tell the story.  I truly have Robb to thank for helping me gain my strength and level of fitness I needed that day.

The nutrition plan that Robb develops are wonderfully easy to follow – and the best part is they’re based on real, everyday foods.  No packaged, pre-cooked, microwave meals.  I’ve also found ways to packing healthy foods to go camping and hunting with – even snacks that fit into my backpack.

Thank you Robb for working with me.  You are an excellent coach – motivating me when I felt down and out, pushing me when I thought I’d reached my limits, making me accountable for all my actions, and most importantly rewarding me when I achieved my successes.

Keep up the amazing work that you are doing!”