Wendy Wishart, Mother of 2, 44 years old, Personal Assistant,  Pakenham

In 8 weeks Wendy lost 6.5kg in weight (10.5% weight loss), reduced body fat by 4.2% & lost a total of 27cm off chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms.

Wendy – Before & 8 Weeks Later

The best compliment I can give Robb at Studioz is being there every week supporting and encouraging me through thick and thin.  Without that I don’t think I would have achieved the results that I did.  His weekly coaching and emails were very positive and made me focus 100%.  Being Coeliac, it was a real eye opener, with Robb’s simple Nutritional Plan, it gave me a whole new perspective on food.  So I can now maintain a healthier lifestyle for me, as well as my family.  Thanks heaps Robb xx.”