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50% Discount off 36 sessions PT Diamond Pack – $1,620
(that’s just $22.50 per 30 min session per person!!)
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Ok, I’m sure this offer will be snapped up within hours!  When the New Year comes around, it’s common to resolve to improve your health in some way or another.  But how many times do you fall off the bandwagon a few weeks in?

Research shows that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions – that’s a 92% failure rate!

I’ve also seen a study that showed that 37% of people make a resolution around improving their health and fitness each year.  Unfortunately, most are destined to fail.

Why do some people succeed with their fitness and weight loss programs while so many others fail?

Are you ready to learn the system that has helped so many other local men, women and children reach their health and fitness goals and look and feel better than ever?

Get started right now with our PT Diamond Pack… a $3,240 value for only $1,620 (50% off!!)  That’s just $810 per person for 36 x 30 min sessions or just $22.50 per session, per person!!  What better way to help you stay accountable to your fitness goals than commit with a buddy…PLUS, get a huge discount in the process!

The Buddy Accountability Pack includes:

  • 36 Personal Training Sessions (30 mins each) for you and a friend designed to suit your fitness goals
  • Pay for 36 sessions and receive 36 sessions for your “buddy” to train with you for FREE. (Note your buddy must train with you at the same time in each session)
  • Flexible training times to suit your needs (5.30am – 8.30pm Mon – Fri, 5am – 12pm Sat)
  • Your nutrition plans, individually tailored to meet each of your health & fitness goals
  • Detailed Consultation and Fitness Assessments to establish goals, motivation, commitment and fitness levels
  • A one-on-one coaching session every 4 weeks to keep you on track and accountable to your fitness goals.
  • Access to our My Nutrition Coach app & unique accountability tools to track your progress and 8 times more likely to achieve your goals
  • Access to our VIP coaching vault
  • Access to our VIP only events
  • Knowledge, support & accountability to help you achieve your fitness goals sooner