Gift 7: Christmas Fitness Deals – 46% OFF!! Platinum Program

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Gift 7 – Platinum Program 46% Saving

  1 Year Platinum Personal Training Package with 3 x 60min PT sessions a week,  unlimited Boot Camp and Nutrition Coaching, Supplementation, Unlimited Support $9,997 (Save 46%!!)

Christmas card (4)This is by far the most serious package we release and we only do it once per year!  It’s available for 1 lucky person!

I can tell you now it’s not for everyone.  Not just because of the upfront investment, but because not everyone is prepared to DECIDE, COMMIT and  RESOLVE to take their life to a new level.

This package is just light-years ahead of everything else. Something that is so exclusive that only the most committed and passionate are deserving of it. 

Let me introduce you to our 1 Year Platinum Program. 

This package is so exclusive not many people know about it (chances are this is the first time you have heard about it).  We don’t publicly advertise it and we are VERY strict on who we take on board.  For the Platinum package, we’ll roll out the red carpet and treat you as the Ultimate Platinum VIP.  If you’re serious enough about results, we will be there for you every step of the way.

This package includes it all:

  • 3 weekly private one-hour sessions with our expert coaches via appointment at a time that suits you.
  • A comprehensive initial consultation, goal setting and fitness assessment to ensure your training is 100% focused towards your goals. We will also do regular goal tracking to ensure you stay on track.
  • Accountability focus sessions and tools to ensure you achieve progress in working towards your goals.
  • For Women, unlimited access to Women’s Only Boot Camp throughout your package.  In addition to your Private sessions, you will have access to all of our Boot Camp training programs. For Men, we are happy for you to gift your 12 months of Boot Camp to your female partner, friend or family member.
  • Weekly Precision Nutrition coaching (we work closely with you on our brand new in-depth fully individualised Eating Program to suit your health and fitness needs)
  • Monthly supplementation provided to you. Our coaching program may require some supplements to fill in the voids that whole foods may  not be able to fill.  We will supply you with these supplements on a monthly basis to ensure your body is running at peak capacity – completely FREE!
  • Unlimited email support. We always want you to be confident in what you are doing at home so if you have any questions you are more than welcome to shoot us an email to help empower you to make the right choices and reach your goals in record time.
  • You will get FREE access to Ultimate Commando (two conducted per year)
  • Access to our VIP fitness coaching vault
  • FREE access to every VIP only event for 2020
  • A copy of Internationally Published Author, Robb Evans’ first book Awaken the Sexy Within (release date of 5 May 2020 in USA)
  • FREE Access to every Coaching and Online program released in 2020.
  • BONUS:  Invitation to join Robb Evans in Los Angeles, Universal Studios in November 2020 meeting 30+ celebrities with professionally shot photos (note an additional investment is required for this bonus).

As you can see, this truly is the ultimate package. We were hesitant to publicly advertise it as it’s such an exclusive offer. But decided we wanted to offer this leading up to Christmas as knowing this exists may honestly be the little nudge someone needs to make a change.

Bottom line is- if you are committed to this program, we will be committed to you!