Gift 11: Christmas Fitness Deals – 50% OFF!! 2 for 1 Ultimate Nutrition Pack

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2 For 1 Ultimate Nutrition Program $799 (Total saving of $799)
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Christmas card (4)Fitness, health and body transformation is so much more powerfully achieved and enjoyed when a friend comes along the journey with you.  This gift idea is enables you to do just that.

Many people today struggle with their nutrition.  So this is the Ultimate Nutrition Package for you and a friend – it’s a 50% discount off this 8 week program!  It’s just $399.50 each!!

We are giving you the rare opportunity to feel the prestige and luxury of absolutely nailing your nutrition over the next 8 weeks and getting truly amazing results. 

Here’s what is included for 2 people:

  • Individually customised meal plans
  • 4 private and 8 private or group nutrition coaching seminars, including our unique “in the kitchen” hands on cooking classes, delivered over 12 weeks
  • You will learn the secrets of sustainable healthy eating as well as tips and tricks that will have you loving your food and taking control of the kitchen forever!!
  • Detailed fitness assessments
  • Access to over 100 delicious recipes
  • Access to the VIP coaching vault which contains an enormous amount of materials and content to educate, inspire and motivate you
  • FREE access to My Nutrition Coach app to track your progress and keep you accountable
  • Customised home / gym fitness program
  • Access to our VIP coaching vault
  • Access to our VIP only events
  • Knowledge, support & accountability to help you achieve your fitness goals sooner
  • Bonus Studioz Nutrition Revolution chefs’ apron!

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