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Daily Podcast – – 365 Days of Coaching
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Christmas card (4) was created as the first product of any health and fitness expert where every single day, 365 days a year, he will share his success, failures, challenges, gruelling schedule, life and business via audio.  He shares the good days and the really bad days, like when his parents passed away and when he required surgery on both of his shoulders.  These daily lessons will be invaluable to your journey towards success, significane and legacy. provides you coaching daily to fitter, stronger and a healthier you and is normally $2,000.  You can have it for $47, just 13 cents per day!!

15 – 30 Minutes A Day To:
 * Increase Your Energy
 * Keep You Healthy
 * Feel Better
 * Get In Great Shape
 * Lose Fat
 * Improve Your Stamina
 * Reduce Pain & Stress
 * Increased Focus, Passion & Productivity 
 * Improved Relationships 


 * Creating a daily blue print to success
* How to make smart food choices
* Creating winning habits
* How to create and sustain the success momentum
* Strategies for finding your passion
* Tools to maximise productivity
* Inspiration to create a better version of yourself

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Note:  This offer entitles you to 1 month of unlimited Boot Camp to our Women’s programs, plus you will receive 1 month of unlimited Boot Camp which must to be used by a friend that you gift / share the experience.  You cannot use the free month for yourself.