Gift 6: Christmas Fitness Deals – 14% OFF!! Committed Boot Camp Pack!

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Gift 6 of 12

14% off a direct debit 24 month VIP Unlimited
Women’s Only Boot Camp membership.  
Only $31 per week Direct Debit
(Total saving $1,144 compared to 12 mths, PLUS $2,000+ of annual bonuses)
Only 5 available

Christmas card (4)I hope you’re enjoying receiving this Christmas as much as I am receiving giving!!  Gift 6 of our Fitness promotion is here and it’s very special.

Do you have a long term goal that you’ve hoped to reach but have failed repeatedly in the past?

Have you lacked the motivation and accountability to keep striving forward?

If so, this gift is for you. Two years of Boot Camp, up to 6 sessions per week.

With the easy weekly direct debit option we will keep you on track and racing toward your goals faster than ever. You will meet other like-minded clients who will support, motivate and inspire you to reach levels you never thought possible.

Your package includes:

  • The flexibility of making up your Women’s Only Boot Camp training days, up to 6 sessions per week (Mon, Wed & Fri – 9.15am-10.15am, Tues & Thurs – 7pm-8pm, Sat – 8am-9am).  You pay for 3 and can come to 6 at no additional charge for 24 months
  • Easy cashflow management at $31 per week rather than a lump sum upfront payment
  • Flexibility to suspend your package for up to 12 weeks so that you don’t miss out on sessions when you go on holiday / are sick
  • Your nutrition plan, individually tailored to meet your health & fitness goals
  • A one-on-one coaching session every 4 weeks to keep you on track and accountable to your fitness goals.
  • Access to our My Nutrition Coach app & unique accountability tools to track your progress and 8 times more likely to achieve your goals
  • Training with like-minded women
  • Access to our VIP coaching vault
  • Access to our VIP only events
  • Knowledge, support & accountability to help you achieve your fitness goals sooner

Just imagine how good you will look and feel after sticking to this fun and rewarding program!  Two years of Boot Camp and this offer is available for our Women’s Only Boot Camps


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