Christmas Tips To Love Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

I’m so passionate about nutrition, so today’s blog may strike you as unusual and a little controversial.  Around Christmas time everyone wants to know what they should do to lose weight, how much can they eat, drink, etc.  Well, I have a very simple approach – and is a rule that I’ve lived by for the past 20 years.  Six days of the weeks I’m very focused on my own eating plan, then on the seventh day I eat what I like.  Day 8, I get back on track with my eating and exercise plan.

So my tip is, it’s Christmas!!  Eat and drink what you like – it only comes once a year.  My only conditions would be:

  • Don’t eat and drink SO much that you feel sick (ie over-full),
  • Don’t adopt this approach for days and days – a couple of days is ok, but then it’s time to re-focus and get back on track with your healthy eating plan

So enjoy!!