Everyone knows walking is great for your overall health. But sometimes, walking can cause aches and pains. You don’t have to take it and hope it gets better on its own. Here are 4 solutions to the most common aches and pains folks report when walking

  1. Lower back pain. It’s pretty normal to feel an ache in your lower back — especially when you first start walking. This is normally caused by tight hip and thigh muscles, which can cause you to twist your hips with each stride you take. The solution? Try putting your hands on your hips to keep your hips from rotating too much. Try to keep them square with the direction you’re going in. Also remember to always stretch after walking. The more flexible you are, the less you’ll experience this pain.
  2. Shin Splints. Another common one, especially with new walkers. It’s caused by an imbalance between the muscles that help you lift the foot off the ground and then place it back. A major cause is over striding. Keep your feet under you. Don’t over extend on your strides. Also, make sure you wear a shoe with a low heel instead of a high, wedged heel. This will help correct the imbalance, and ease the pain.
  3. Swollen fingers. If you’re fingers end up bigger than when you first started walking, it’s from swinging your arms too much. Try not to exaggerate the swinging motion as you walk. Also, periodically bend your arms to create a 90 degree angle and make a fist. Tighten it and then open and stretch out the fingers. This will help recirculation of the blood that’s causing the swelling.
  4. Sore knees. Sore knees after walking doesn’t mean you’re getting old. It just means your posture while walking is too far-forward. This places extra stress on your knees. Make sure to stand up straight, and keep your shoulders back. Your hips and shoulders should be in line with each other. Also, keep your strides underneath you. Don’t over extend yourself.