Anna Alderton, Mother of 3, 69 years old, Pakenham

Anna Alderton is an inspiration to anyone that says, “I’m too tired”, “too old” or “I can’t do that”! Anna, aged 69 from Pakenham, joined our Pakenham Boot Camp and has achieved amazing results whilst providing incredible inspiration to all the Boot Camp group.

Here’s Anna’s strength improvements in just 4 weeks; 200% increase in her upper body, 32% increase in lower body, 5% increase in arms, 10% increase in abdominals, 6% increase in core, 5% increase in cardiovascular fitness.  Well done Anna, you’re a legend!

“Boot Camp was a gift from my daughter and I loved the friendly atmosphere. I feel so “young” now and the joints are working again.  Robb is a fantastic coach and adjusts the exercises to fit your capability. I can’t believe I actually made it through Boot Camp!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!” 

Awesome Anna, it’s been a pleasure working with you!