Travis Robbins, Father of 2, 34 years old, Builder, Pakenham

When I first met Travis I knew he was capable of great things, but in 16 short weeks he’s been able to lose 16.5kgs (15% weight loss), reduced body fat by over 6% and lost 37cm off his chest, waist, hips and thighs by training 3 days per week at Studioz, following his individually tailored meal plan and becoming increasingly motivated with his awesome results.

Travis, it’s an absolute pleasure training you and you thoroughly deserve the great results you’ve achieved so far.  Keep shooting for the stars mate!

“I had many reasons for joining Studioz, the biggest one being health issues.  I didn’t want to get to the stage where I just didn’t care anymore and ate whatever I wanted.  I was also sick of going to shops and not being able to buy t-shirts that fitted me.  I was looking around for a Personal Trainer that suited my needs.  I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle and my eating habits and needed to find someone that could help me with that.  My first meeting with Robb was inspirational.  I left the meeting feeling so motivated and confident that I could reach my goal”. 

“Robb had the exact program that I was looking for.  I got immediate results and my confidence and fitness has improved significantly – I’ve now got more energy and don’t get as puffed playing with the kids.  Robb leads the way and has shown me what is required for me to lose weight.  He told me that 70 to 80% of the work was going to be nutrition, so he has set me up on a meal plan that suits me.  They are great meals, I’m eating six times per day and I’m never hungry”.

 “I can’t believe what you’ve done to me Studioz! I love it”.