Brendan Hughan, Father of 2, 42 years old, Telecommunications Contractor, Pakenham

Brendan came to see me 6 weeks out from Christmas with a goal of getting to a weight of 80kg by Christmas Day.  In 4 weeks Brendan not only achieved his goal before Christmas, but completely smashed it!  Brendan lost 7.2kg, and at the time of writing was 78kg, has lost 4.1% of body fat and lost a total of 24.75cm off his chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms.  How did he do it so quickly?  Through the consistent application of his meal plan I tailored specifically for him, completing 3 whole body resistance and 3, 20-30 min, cardio sessions per week.  Brendan has just a handful of kilos to go to reach his goal weight and has received the best present of all for Christmas!

“During the time that I’ve been training at Studioz Personal Training, I would say that I have found that changing my diet was the biggest thing.  The meal plan that Robb has set for me hasn’t been hard to follow.  I’ve found with a little bit of discipline it has exceeded my expectations of how much weight I would lose.  The training is great and I’m now setting new goals that I want to achieve, including getting back into motor cross riding!  Thanks Robb”