Janice Eshuis, Mother of 2, 53 yrs old, Drouin.

Janice is an inspiration to those people that think they’re too old or have too many health issues to start taking control of their health and fitness.  Janice has been inspired by her daughter Ruth, Studioz’ 2013 Client of the Year, who has now lost over 70kg from her highest weight level.  Despite issues that would have convinced others there was no way forward, Janice has pushed through to achieve some absolutely awesome results to date.  Janice has now lost 11.4kg, significantly reduced her body fat levels and lost over 59cm from her arms, chest, waist, hips and legs.  I’m really proud of you Janice, great job and keep up the great work and you’ll reach your goal before you know it!

“I was inspired particularly by my daughter’s impressive weight loss recently as a result of a personalized eating plan and exercise regime put together by Robb, so decided I needed to follow in her footsteps, but asked for a Gluten-Free plan, to see if it would also help my long-standing inflammatory bowel condition and my recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes.  As I’m in my early 50s, going through menopause, and limited in what exercise I can do, I was greatly encouraged to find that successful weight loss is much more about what you put in your mouth than how much exercise you do!  I’m getting there, slowly but surely – Robb’s encouraging remarks and suggestions help spur me on more than he realises!”