Sarah Ham, 27 years old, Senior Employment Consultant, Pakenham

Sarah has now lost 9.5kg, significantly reduced her body fat levels and lost over 40cm from her chest, waist, hips and legs.  In the process, by following her Studioz’ tailored meal plan, we’ve been able to coach Sarah to dramatically reduce her cigarette and soft drink intake, increase the amount of healthy food she is consuming, build some serious muscle through her personal training sessions, improve her self-image and have a huge positive uplift in her energy and concentration levels.  Well done indeed Sarah – you are an amazingly focused young woman and an absolute pleasure to train.

“Before I started to see Robb I was always unwell, tired and cranky. 8 months later I have lost a ton of weight and I feel great.

I have more energy and barely get sick and I attribute it to my new healthy eating plan and personal training.  Without Robb’s support both through PT and my meal plan, this would have been unachievable, thanks Robb!”