Jennifer Byrne, 33 yrs old, married, 2 children, University Lecturer, Pakenham

Jennifer lost 12kg in weight (12% weight loss) reduced body fat by 4.6% & lost a total of 54.5cm off chest, waist, hips & thighs.

           Jennifer’s before & after photos

“Being in the health sector myself for many years, as well as having a husband and two children under five, I have been an educator, motivator and nurturer for others.  However one day I realised that all of the time and effort that I had put into others, with many great rewards, was at the expense of my health and well being.  I was finding that I was tired all the time, had a very low mood and wasn’t enjoying life the way I wanted to.

I went to see Robb as I found that, although I had knowledge in health, nutrition and exercise, I found it difficult to stay motivated and apply the principles to myself.  Robb told me that day that my quest to achieve results would stop with him!!  He was right!!  I signed up for the 12 week Nutritional program and, a little later, Boot Camp.  I believe the results I have achieved are due to a combination of winning factors;  a simple nutritional program designed to achieve results – specifically tailored to my goals and lifestyle,  as well as having the support and accountability that Robb provides.

The Boot Camps have really kicked off the weight and improved my fitness.  I have to admit, I’m addicted – I would never work so hard on my own!!  Thanks again Robb, it has been a great journey so far and look forward to the next 12 kilos coming off too!!”