Dinah Jacob, 44 yrs old, married, 3 children, Business Owner, Koo Wee Rup

Dinah makes an life-changing inner transformation!

Dinah before and after

“Prior to starting the Body Balance Challenge (BBC) with Studioz, I was overweight, tired all the time, high blood pressure, extremely unfit and mentally very unstable.  I couldn’t make informed decisions.  I needed some major changes in my life.  Only I could make those changes.  Once I made the decision to join the BBC and started Boot Camp, my life changed very quickly!!!!

If I think about what has been my biggest transformation, it has probably has been the inner transformation I have made.  I am making much better and more stable and sensible decisions.  I think that once you have a healthy mind you can make well-informed decisions about your inner health and future.  Health wise I am no longer tired all the time, my weight is shrinking slowly but surely, my blood pressure has dropped and my doctor feels that if I stay on track, I will be off medication within the next 6 months.

I have so much more energy and I can even shoot hoops with my son at basketball. I started feeling better after just 1 week.  The first week was hard with the exercise and meal plan.  Every muscle in my body hurt and the meal plan was a struggle at the start.  But I had more energy after just one Boot Camp session and with just a bit of healthy eating.  With each week I feel better and better.  Now I need to wear a belt to hold my pants up!!   I’m wearing jeans I have not worn for at least two years and I no longer have the huge roll of flab hanging over my waistband.

With each week that passes, I feel fitter and I just can’t go a day without some form of exercise.  If I do, I feel lousy.  When I first went to see you Robb and you mentioned Boot Camp, just the thought of the words Boot Camp put the fear of god into me!!  How embarrassing.   Lugging my flab around in front of other skinny people – No way!!!  Once I could see that I could work at my own pace, I was convinced, so I just did it.

Well Robb, I don’t even know where to begin.  This is such a major change in my life.  I LOVE IT!!! I enjoy the workout.  I enjoy the social aspect.   Most of all, I enjoy how I feel.  Oh my god, I have energy. I sleep better.  I don’t need a sleep in the afternoon (unless I play up the night before).  I don’t feel stressed anymore.  My husband thanks you.   I don’t nag at him to change his job and come home.  I have better coping mechanisms.   Mentally I am alive again.  I can think.  I’m a better Mum.  I have recently done a facebook clean out.  I have gotten rid of all those people who were bad influences on my life and I feel that this is because of my mental changes.   I know it sounds weird but I am just cleaning up every aspect of my life.  Even my cupboards are looking healthier!!!  My grocery bill is less and my family is getting healthier as well.

I can’t believe the amount of information I have learnt since starting this challenge.  The information is amazing and I find myself starting to just know what to do and how to do it now.  I’m getting better and better at it.  My gratitude goes out to you, Robb for passing on all this information and teaching me to love healthy food and exercise and to make the right choices.  I still have a long way to go and keeping up with Boot Camp, I feel still keeps me accountable.  I feel that I have the information and, believe it or not, the motivation to continue on until I reach my weight loss goal! “