Kelly Colbourne, 33 years old, Mother of 3, Pakenham

Kelly Colbourne, local Mum of 3 has now lost over 10kg of fat thanks to her dedication with her intensity at Boot Camp and focus on her nutrition. Kelly has now lost a total of 44cm from her arms, chest, waist, hips and legs and is well on the way to achieving her overall weight loss goal.

I can remember Kelly’s first workout when she found it very difficult to perform a pushup, squat and hold a prone plank position. Look at you now Kelly, reaching personal bests in every component of our recent fitness assessment! Absolutely fantastic job and I know you are enjoying the results of your hard work!

Here’s what Kelly has to say about her transformation so far: “I thoroughly enjoy boot camp and it has helped me build my confidence in so many ways. I love the encouragement we receive and Robb is so positive towards our weight loss goals. I’m also happy to say that I don’t mind getting my photo taken now, beforehand I used to hide away once the camera was out lol. Boot camp is so much fun  working out with a group of lovely ladies working towards our goals together as a team. It is a great atmosphere and I look forward to continuing throughout 2015 and reaching my goal weight. Thanks heaps Robb”