Lindsay Driver, 57 years old, Cook, Pakenham

Lindsay has now lost over 10.5kg of fat, in approximately 12 weeks, thanks to his dedication and focus during his workouts and with his nutrition. Lindsay has now lost a total of 61.5cm from his arms, chest, waist, hips and legs and is well on the way to achieving his overall weight loss goal.

For all those people thinking they can’t do this, keep in mind that Lindsay had never worked out in a gym prior to coming to see us. Lindsay embraces his meal plan and puts an amazing amount of intensity into each and every workout. Not only has Lindsay achieved some remarkable results, he has also dramatically increased his strength by 55% and improved his cardiovascular fitness by an impressive 21% as demonstrated in his fitness assessments. Absolutely fantastic job Lindsay. I know you are enjoying the results of your hard work, really wonderful to watch your transformation!

In the photo above Lindsay is wearing the same t-shirt as his “before” photo looking at, and holding, the equivalent of his 10kg of fat loss . The results speak for themself!

Lindsay says: “The training with Studioz is very encouraging and supportive. My great results have given me incentive to continue. I’m now much fitter and have more energy, walking to the shop instead of driving now! I now have more clothes to choose from in my wardrobe and feel much more confident in myself and with my appearance.” Your hard work continues to pay off Lindsay and your transformation will help inspire others to follow in your footsteps.