Dear Clients and Friends,

You may have heard it before, and we’ve talked about it here before – humour and laughter is healing. Yep, you heard it right, laughing is good for you.

In a previous issue, we talked about how laughter is good fro your waistline and how it effects your whole body. Laughing burns calories, so the more you laugh, the more you burn. It increases your heart rate by 10 to 20 percent, burning about 1.3 calories burned can add up.

Not only is laughing beneficial for your waistline, but laughing brings great benefit for the whole body and has even been proven to be healing. A lot of data out there shows that the heart survey patients who are depressed after a procedure have a higher mortality rate, and optimistic patients have significantly fewer wound infections. Laughter can cultivate the optimism, and it truly is the best medicine in many ways.

Laughter defuses fear, relaxes the heart and body, relieves pain, assists our coping mechanism, boosts our immune system, and sharpens out thinking. Our heart rate and blood pressure spike briefly when we laugh, then they fall down below your baseline afterward, the same as with exercise. Scientists have also been able to prove that laughter stimulates the parts of our brain that use the ”feel good” chemical messenger dopamine. that puts laughter in the category of activities you want to do over and over again.