Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever!

I hope that you’ve all had a really great Christmas and New Year, have taken some time away from the hustle and bustle of every day life to spend some valuable time with your loved ones.  Have you set your fitness goals for 2011 yet?

Before I take on any new client I ask them three very important questions:
1.  What are your fitness goals?
2.  Why are they important to you? and
3.  How motivated are you to achieving them on a scale of 1 to 10?

Stop for a minute and think about how these questions pertain to you.  What’s stopping you from making 2011 your best year ever?

I find that people fail to achieve their fitness goals for three simple reasons:

1.  Not having the knowledge of how to put a complete program together
Sure, most people generally know that you can’t live off fast food, you need to eat more vegies and you should probably jion a gym.  But what’s the balance?  How much protein, carbs and fats should you eat?  When should you eat?  How often should you eat?  Should you do resistance training?  How much?  What about cardio?  What about stretching?

2.  Not having a workable plan of action that integrates all components required for success
This is critical, you must have  a plan that works for you, that includes making the necessary changes to your nutrition, resistance and cardio training.  This does not have to be a massive time commitment each week.  For instance, you can start at 10 mins of resistance training (eg such as pushups, squats, lunges, etc) 3 times per week and 20 mins of cardio 3 times per week (eg walking at a rate that gets you puffing) and build on it from there.

I’ve now been training for over 22 years and I do 3 days of resistance training in my studio (for about 40 mins) and 3 days of cardio training (for 20 mins), plus make sure I follow a healthy eating plan.

3. And not having the support system required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to, not only achieve their goals, but also maintain them for life.  This is a big one too, and probably the main reason that people train at Studioz.  People want someone to keep them accountable as well as coaching, motivating and educating them to achieve their results.  Often a loved one does not make a good accountability partner, because they may be a bit “soft” on you when the going gets tough.  But a friend, training partner or a trainer that provides a 100% money back guarantee, can help you get to your goals faster.

Go on, write down your goals, make them challenging, and make 2011 your best year ever!!