10 Ways To Keep Warm When It’s C-O-L-D

 Keeping warm when temperatures reach record lows isn’t just about comfort.  Low temperatures can result in cold-related illnesses.  Here’s a few tips to help  keep you warm all winter long.

1. Have at least one hot meal a day, and drink hot drinks regularly

 2.Keep moving – a little exercise will help keep you well even it it’s indoors

3. Wrap up warmly whenever you go outside and always dress warmly for bed

 4. Wearing several layers of clothing keeps you warmer than one thick layer

 5. Maintain a room temperature of at least 68 degrees during the day and evening and 63 degrees overnight.

 6. Close bedroom windows at night to keep the warmth in and the cold air out

 7. If your electric blanket is over 10 years old get a new one. Never have a hot water bottle if you also use an electric blanket

 8. Be aware of hypothermia: stiff muscles, puffy face, slowed breathing, poor physical condition and mental confusion. If these signs are recognised call 000

 9. It is dangerous to use an oven as a heating device. All space heaters are a fire risk if used improperly

 10. Prescription drugs may increase vulnerability to cold. Check with your doctor or pharmacist.

 Be sure to use common sense, if the heat is too intolerable, stay indoors when you can.  And don’t forget that pets also need protection from the cold and too.  This winter already feels like it’s going to be a cold one, so use these tips to keep warm.