Studioz at Tour Down Under – Stage 4

Emily riding with Lance

What’s great about Stage 4 of the Tour is the Mutual Community Challenge bike ride.  The aim of this ride is to raise funds for charity.  A number of years ago they were lucky to get 500+ people riding in the event.  Since Lance Armstrong has started coming to the Tour the number of amateur cyclists doing the 138km ride has sky-rocketed.  This year they had approximatley 7,500 people doing the ride.  As each rider crossed the line they received a huge cheer from the huge crowds lining the streets.  This event is always the prelude to the pro riders coming through.

Earlier in the week we had the opportunity to meet Cameron Meyer, World Champion Cyclist – today he took out Stage 4 of the Tour.  Cameron is now the holder of the leader’s jersey, and if he can make it through the toughest stage of the Tour tomorrow, up Willunga Hill twice, then he’ll be sure to take out this year’s Tour.

Today’s finish in Strathalbyn was a slight decent to the line so the action was fast.  We based ourselves near the support vehicles to watch the various cool down routines of the riders before they get into their support vehicles and head back to their motel.

Emily & I with Michael Rogers & Chris Sutton

Today Emily and I had the opportunity to have our photos taken World Champion Michael Rogers and Chris Sutton from the Sky Racing Team.  Plus, we also had the pleasure of meeting Arthur, who turned 100 today!  Just reminding us of how much we’ve got to live for!  Looking forward to tomorrow’s stage.

Arthur's 100th birthday