Studioz On Tour In Adelaide

This is the third year that I’ve travelled with my eldest daughter Emily to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under.  A great opportunity to spend some quality time, relax, enjoy some great racing and get up close to some of the world’s best cycling superstars.

 My journey across to Adelaide this year was a bit longer than usual, as I had to negotiate the various flood ravaged towns of western Victoria.  Until you drive through the areas you don’t realise how much rain has fallen, how wide the affected area is and how much devastation has been caused.  I encourage everyone to give as much as you can to help out those people than have been so deeply impacted by these storms.

Emily having fun at the TDU Village

The TDU officially kicks off tomorrow, so Emily and I spent the day riding the bike around to some CBD parks, visited the Adelaide Museum and visited the Tour Village.  A great day in all and looking forward to Stage 1 tomorrow.