Studioz Rides With The Stars!

On Sunday 9 Jan, 2011, my family and I attended Ballarat for the Australian Road Cycling Championships.

Emily and I participated in the recreational ride with cycling legend, and television commentator, Phil Liggett. We rode the 10.2km circuit to the top of Mt Buninyong and back. Believe me, it was HARD! Especially with the extra (Emily) weight!  Even Phil said I did well getting around with Emily on the back. It wasn’t a race, but for the record, we came very last! Later in the day the professionals raced around the same circuit 16 times! They completed 3 laps in the time that it took us to complete just 1! 

Phil Liggett with Emily

That’s right! My goodness they’re so incredibly fit and strong.  I’m already planning for next year and getting a group of clients, and interested people, to join me in the challenge.  I’ll have to do it without Emily next year as she’ll hae outgrown her bike baby seat….that should make it a bit easier for me.

It was a great day of racing and Jack Bobridge took out the event doing the last 3 laps ahead of the field and finishing about 30 secs in front of the field.

Emily and I also made the local paper while we were in Buninyong, click HERE to see us and all the other great action cycling pictures from the championships.