4 Foods You Should NEVER Eat

You know what foods are good for you… but do you know what foods you should absolutely, never eat? These foods aren’t just artery-clogging… they’re horrible for your overall health and well-being. So do whatever you can to stay clear.

1. Trans-Fat. This is known as a complete heart killer. It’s a man made fat (hydrogenated oils) originally designed to increase the shelf-life of most foods (think peanut butter, margarine, biscuits, etc.) Health organisations all agree that no more than 2 grams of trans fats should be consumed per day. Why? It’s linked to increasing LDL or “bad” cholesterol… it increases triglycerides… and causes inflammation. Basically, it’s a power-packed artery blocker. So make sure you read ALL food labels. Make sure there are no trans fats. Also, look in the ingredients. If it says “hydrogenated oil” then don’t buy it. Even though the label says it is free of trans fats, it still contains them due to the hydrogenated oils in the ingredients.

2. Margarine. Avoid this one, since it has trans fats and is not good for you. You’re better off eating real butter. Avoid the marketing hype that it’s good for your heart. It’s not.

3. “Chinese” Food. What we here in Australia call Chinese food is absolutely horrible for you. It’s loaded with MSG (a form of salt) and boatloads of fat. The sodium content alone will provide you with about a week’s worth of the recommended daily allowance. If you absolutely love it, I’d recommend having it no more than once a month.

4. Diet Soft Drink.  Believe it or not, these calorie-free concoctions can actually make you fat! A study at Purdue University found evidence that the artificial sweeteners used may mess with your body’s metabolism, inducing you to overeat! Either way, you should probably just stick to water and tea. And if you absolutely must have soft drink, have the sugary kind… but sparingly!