Does the change in seasons make you hot under the collar?

Here’s a few tips to help you cool down and make the most out of the summer sun.

  1. Exercise. Alter your pattern of outdoor exercise to take advantage of cooler times (early morning or late evening). If you can’t change the time of your workout, scale it down by doing fewer minutes, walking instead or running, or decreasing your level of exertion. Make sure you always have plenty of water on hand whilst you’re exercising as you can dehydrate very quickly in the heat of summer.
  2. Clothing. Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably of a light colour, cottons are cooler than many synthetics.
  3. Eat a Healthy Diet. Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare including frequent small meals or snacks containing cold fruit or low fat dairy products. As an added benefit, you won’t have to cook next to a hot stove. Avoid caffeine & alcohol as these will promote dehydration.
  4. Keep Cool at night. Want to cool the bed down? Fill a standard hot water bottle with ice water. Use it to cool your ankles and the back of your knees — it works. If you want to try something really different then you can also try bagging your sheets and tossing them in the freezer for an hour or two before bed.
  5. Common Sense! Finally, use common sense. If the heat is intolerable, stay indoors when you can and avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces. When driving in the car, make sure you’ve always got a water bottle with you, so if you do get stuck in traffic, you will have water on hand to prevent you from dehydrating. Pay special attention to the elderly, infants, and anyone with a chronic illness, as they may dehydrate easily and be more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Don’t forget that pets also need protection from dehydration and heat-related illnesses too.