Dear Clients and Friends,

Did someone play a joke on you this April Fools? Or were you the one pulling all the pranks? Either way, it’s good to laugh and have a good sense of humour about you. That’s why this month, I’d like to propose you start doing more of what I like to call, the “Three L’s.” I promise if you start doing these a little bit each day, soon enough you’ll have a richer, more rewarding life:

  1. LAUGH more often. Don’t take yourself too seriously and start working on having a great sense of humour. Believe me, laughing is very good “stuff” for your health (as you’ll see in today’s main article).
  2. LIVE more passionately. Experience more of the “juice” of life. Too often, we get complacent with business of day-to-day living. Try and be a little more adventurous. For example, if you always eat vanilla ice cream, try peach-mango. Normally don’t read car magazines? Pick one up. Learn a new language. Take a new route to work. Do something, no matter how small to spice up your life a bit. And if there’s any fears in your life that are holding you back from living your dream life, start facing them!
  3. LOVE more. Are their people you need to forgive? Or, maybe you need to ask for forgiveness from others? Perhaps you simply haven’t told those you love, how much you love them, for whatever reason. Make it a point to start mending relationships and showing those you care about how much you truly love them..

Take these three tips to heart and your life can’t help but improve in all areas. Oh, and have a fun and happy Easter!

To Your Health,

Robb Evans