Jenni Papadopoulos, 44 yrs old, mother of 1, School Teacher, Pakenham

Jenni is “winning back” her body, she’s lost 13kgs so far…


Jenni after her weight loss

“My battle with emotional eating has been a life long  struggle and has caused a yo-yo effect in my weight.  In September 2010 I found myself at 132kg, I  made an appointment with my doctor who gave me a script for some ‘pharmaceutical’  assistance.  I never had the script  filled.

Instead I decided to take control and booked myself in with  Robb’s next Boot Camp.  I was the oldest,  fattest, slowest and weakest of the campers, but I was determined.  I lost 7kgs in the first four weeks, but I  was not getting a good handle on my nutrition. So I joined Studioz’ Body Balance eight week Challenge so  that I could get a better grasp of nutrition. Everyone had noticed the change  in me, were asking what I was doing and congratulating me on my efforts.  My t-shirts were becoming less tight, my  fitness had increased amazingly, I moved my home exercise equipment to a more  convenient place in the house. I couldn’t wait to get my eating plan, couldn’t  wait to weigh-in, couldn’t wait to get started.

The BBC has taught me above everything else that this is a  life long journey.  It didn’t begin eight  weeks ago and ends today.  Every day I am  discovering more about myself and how my emotions affect my eating.  It is a struggle that I continue to have, but  I am more aware of the ollercoaster I can put myself on by not paying  attention to what I put in my mouth.  I  continue to follow the principles Robb has taught me regarding the need to  effectively balance protein, carbs, fats and calories.  I get the need for protein and ensure that I  have adequate protein foods throughout the day.  I like the six meals per day approach and find  I never really get hungry.  If I stick to  the six meals per day I am less likely to hit the ‘craving zone’.  When I’m feeling tired and lethargic I know it’s  because I have missed fuelling my body with the healthy carbs required to feel  energetic and get me through the day.  Boot  Camp keeps me motivated to stay on track.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed is my core  strength.  My body now supports itself.  I tense a part of my body and there are  muscles there!!  Amazing!!!  My daughter loves wrestling on the bed.  It used to hurt.  Now we can enjoy a good wrestle and it doesn’t  hurt at all.

Even though I am still overweight, I’m continuing on my weight loss journey.  I am so much more  comfortable in my own skin.  I have  started wearing make-up more often, doing my nails and generally looking after  myself.  I am able to fit into clothes  which are more flattering and am finding the need to cover up the bulges less  and less necessary.  I’m starting to feel  good about myself and who I am.  I have  recently returned to work and know that I would have struggled to do so in  times gone by.

The BBC has not only taught me valuable lessons in health,  nutrition and exercise, it has taught me how to deal with and eliminate  behaviours that have caused me to be on that weight loss rollercoaster ride for far too long.  Thanks Robb”.