Ros Davenport,  33 yrs old, 3 children, Pakenham

In 12 weeks Ros  lost 8.2kg in weight (12% weight loss) reduced body fat by 5% & lost a  total of 44cm off chest, waist, hips & thighs.

Ros before and after

“After giving birth to my  third child in November, I was motivated to regain my body and my fitness  levels in order to keep up with three children and to get back onto the netball  court.  The only way to dedicate some time for myself was to sign up boot  camp for women with Studioz.  Knowing that there were three sessions every  week and feeling the support from the group kept me committed to achieving my
goals.  It was fun to exercise with the girls and make new friends.

I  have now reached my goal weight, I feel energetic and am enjoying being fit and  healthy and I can keep up with the younger girls on the netball court!  If  you’re thinking of getting fit or are struggling to dedicate time for your  fitness, I would highly recommend Studioz’s Boot Camp – a place where you can  achieve goals with the support from other women and a trainer who believes in  you.  Thanks Robb”.