Ron Smelter, 54 yrs old, married, Rehabilitation Manager, Pakenham

Ron lost 23kg in weight (21.7% weight loss) reduced body fat by 12.9% & lost a total of 80cm off chest, waist, hips & thighs.

“I thought I needed to do something about your health and fitness when I was on a business trip overseas and saw a photo of myself sitting in a  hair.  I thought this is not good.  I was also feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes and I kept going up in sizes as my weight kept climbing.    High blood pressure was also very high, I felt tired all the time and often found myself falling asleep in front of the TV.  I was feeling fat, had no energy at the end of the day and could not be bothered doing anything at all once I was home from work sitting in a comfy chair.

When I think about the results I’ve achieved, I feel great.  Getting the weight off and getting my body back in shape has been great, but best of all, my health is good, my blood pressure is down to safe levels, I have heaps of energy and I don’t like sitting around in the comfy chair.  I feel like I need to do something and get out and enjoy life.   I’m enjoying getting back into bike riding again.  I love training, it’s just part of my life now.

Training with Studioz has helped change my life.   I feel that I now have the tools and knowledge to carry me through life.  I feel like I’ve now struck the right balance between my working life and health.  I’ve put myself first, so that I can make sure my health doesn’t spiral out of  control, whilst still getting my work done. 

 One other great thing has come out of my training.  My wife has seen the results, she is very happy and she tells me I am hot….that feels great!   She has now started with Robb and is doing really well… so soon I will be able to say the same to her.  Thanks for everything Robb”.