Tiz, Justine  & Naomi Murray 48, 22 & 20 yrs old respectively, Berwick

The Murrays  conquer the Overland Track in Tasmania!

“My  two daughters and I first went to Robb after hearing great reports from past  clients, who thought he was wonderful.  We needed to be pushed that little  bit further in preparation for a nine day hike in Tasmania and he proved to be  the right person for the task.  He listened to what our goals were, and  then formulated a training program, even to the extent of buying specific  equipment to get the best fitness from us.  He was just as dedicated in  getting us to our goal as we were!

We highly recommend Robb.  He’s the best coach to have in your corner.   His  knowledge of nutrition is extensive and is so easily incorporated into a daily  eating regime, it helps in both losing weight if that is what you need or in  maintaining energy for your active life.  Thank you for your guidance,  advice, support and training for our Overland Track trek, but also for the long  term.  Your advice has well and truly benefited them and I want you to  know that I really appreciate the positive and sensible influence you have had  on my daughters and myself.

It’s a lifelong habit, one that will result  in better health and ultimately happiness because we have given our bodies the  best shot in keeping fit and enabling us to pursue our goals.  Thank you Robb for helping us to achieve our  goal and for guiding us to a healthier, active lifestyle”.