Sam Bailey, 34 yrs old, married, Nursery Owner, Officer

In 12 weeks Sam lost 11kg in weight (11% weight loss) reduced body fat by 5.4% & lost a total of 36cm off chest, waist, hips & thighs.

“The time came being, a new Dad that I needed a new fitness & health direction.  I began investigating personal trainers online and Studioz  Personal Training stood out locally.  The website was professional and full of useful information – many other trainer websites promoted themselves and lacked client testimonial / results information.  After making initial contact through the website, I had a response back from Robb that night and my first meeting the following night – within a few days I was on my way and to begin a life changing experience.

From my first visit Robb’s professionalism and a genuine interest in clients needs was clearly evident –  my program was well measured and each week I felt that I was able to work towards new fitness / health goals. The nutrition program was so easy to follow and cooking  reparation was minimal.  I loved the food.  The studio is a great environment to train in with the quality equipment and continual support – this support isn’t restricted to the training studio, you can always find Robb approachable outside your training hours with a question on your home training.

I’m very pleased and proud with my results throughout the program.  The weight loss, improved strength and cardio fitness have all been measured and documented by Robb, so it’s clear to see the improvements.  Before starting the program I was spending $60 on medication a month.  Within the first month this expense had halved and now, having completed the program I’m medication free – that’s a yearly saving of $720!  It’s a great feeling when my customers and suppliers notice the body change, it’s a great buzz!  The buzz I now have to continue living this way is exciting and I’m 100% confident that its now habit and will encourage my family to live a healthy and active lifestyle.   I’m looking forward to completing my first half marathon in 2012 and trekking Kakoda by the age of 40.

Thanks Robb it’s been a life changing experience”.