How Do You Become the Best at What You Do?

Seven years ago, I decided and committed to becoming the absolute best version of myself in every area of my life. From my physical body, health, strength, my business, my ability to coach clients, the results for my clients, better relationships with my children, partner, family, friends and business partners. Becoming more financially astute, more spiritual, being the authority in the area of weight loss and mind-body transformation, serve more people, take my brand globally, being more passionate, energised and having a whole bunch of fun in the process.

I resolved to achieve these changes no matter what. No matter how difficult it was going to be or how long it would take me to get there. I didn’t have all the answers as to what to do or how to do it, but I had a fire burning within me like an out of control raging inferno telling me “Stop settling for mediocrity and work harder for greatness. Never stop! Never stop!”

Why? Why did I come to this decision? Because I was sick and tired of not living my life to my full potential. I’d changed my career to follow my passion in health and fitness, ended a  20 year marriage but knew I felt like I was still only living a half-committed life. I needed to do more. I was hungry to grow myself in ways I’d never grown before. I wanted to achieve this growth in the fastest way possible. I wanted to get results and I wanted them now!

I began my research, seeking out the best Coaches in the world in the areas I wanted to improve. First stop was my mindset. I’d felt that I’d been letting myself down by a lack of self-belief in some key areas of my life and that needed to change. I found Tony Robbins, the number one mindset Coach on the planet. Every day I listed to Tony’s programs, I enrolled in every program he created, started going to his live events and, most of all, implemented everything Tony said. There were steps in his programs that I didn’t understand why I was doing them but knew that Tony had achieved such phenomenal results around the globe by using these same techniques.  I had faith in know that they would work for me too. By the time I got to the end of each program I could understand why it was so important to complete each step along the way. For 2 years, every day, I acted creating a rock solid, growing mindset and passionate version of what I wanted to achieve. Tony has truly had a deep impactful meaning in my life, and I will be forever grateful.

Although I’d made significant improvements in me as a person, my business was not growing in the way that I wanted it to.  I wanted to serve more people. I wanted to impact people globally but didn’t know how to take the step from where I was to where I wanted to be. Time to take more action and find another coach.

My next mission was to find a coach that could provide me with the missing edge. That’s when I found the number one Wealth Coach in the world, JT Foxx. JT’s message resonated with me and I signed up to one of his courses. This took place in March of 2018. From that moment on my life has been on the fast train to success. JT has helped me create a blueprint for success by teaching me exactly how he has taken himself from broke to be the next billionaire. He’s introduced me to the world’s top celebrities who I have met and interviewed, inspired me to complete my latest book Awaken the Sexy Within in 12 weeks, and shown me the power of building relationships.

I’ve listened to JT, I’ve learnt, and I’ve implemented what he has coached me to do. I listen to his coaching every single day. I’ve conditioned myself to be a high performer through consistency, dedication to hard work and results. The highlights since March:

  • I commenced my daily podcast and today we are up to podcast # 393, now available on all the popular music and podcast streaming platforms free of charge
  • I completed my first book, Awaken the Sexy Within, was picked up by a New York Publisher and will be released in the US in May 2020,
  • I’ve connected with over 2,000 new facebook connections and 28k followers on Instagram
  • Regular writer for the European business magazine, Business Booster Today,
  • Interviewed influencers for from Munich, Bali, Papua New Guinea, London, around Australia, South Africa and Los Angeles
  • Created a 60-day Awaken Body Transformation online program launching soon
  • Had the most amazing experiences from interviewing Brooke Shields in LA last year in front of 2,500 people, meeting celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Dr Phil, Jessica Simpson, Vanilla Ice, Michael Douglas, UFC Octagon Announcer, Bruce Buffer, Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak, Charlie Sheen, Jason Alexander and Jewel… just to name a few!
  • Received the most insightful and confronting Coaching from JT and his team and forged some incredible relationships along the way
  • Served more people and transformed more lives with now more than 6,000kgs of fat lost

This photo is me pictured with JT’s Coaches Brent Turley, Cherie Eilertsen, Kevin France and Myron Allis – the Dream Team Coaches that have helped shaped my past 12 months. Thank you to JT and your entire Team. My life wouldn’t be the same without you!

What’s stopping you?  Coaching will get you to where you want to be much faster!

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