Jessica Simpson ranks Health & Wellness #1 for a fulfilled life

It was great sharing time with Jessica Simpson when I was in LA recently, attending an event with 2,500 of the world’s best business people from 75 countries.  At the time of the interview with Jessica, she was heavily pregnant and has only recently announced the birth of her new daughter, Birdie, to the world. Congratulations Jessica!

She talked about her upbringing and the importance of surrounding herself with people she can trust in managing her business and busy lifestyle and how a Health and Wellness coach has been important to assist her with the correct nutrition and keep her motivated during her pregnancy.  Jessica commented that “when you’re pregnant everyone has a view on what you can and can’t eat, so it’s useful to have an expert at hand.

Jessica launched her billion-dollar clothing empire on the back of the TV reality show Newlyweds but has stayed humble throughout the experience.  She says, “I’ve been every (clothing) size there is, and people trust me as being real because of that.”  Jessica has been a successful singer, actress, Mum and business mega success and the biggest lesson I learnt was the importance that she places on coaching, nutrition and mental well-being in leading a fulfilled life, staying balanced and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

I loved Jessica’s closing statement, “live and learn from failures and be patient.

What is your biggest lesson learnt about your own health, wellness, fitness and past failures?

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