Michael Douglas says Coaching Is Essential!

When you think about longevity in health, fitness and their career, look at the “Douglas” family tree. I recently had the incredible opportunity to meet acting legend Michael Douglas and when he talked about his Dad, Kirk, being 102 yrs old, it comes as no surprise that Michael is being as successful and healthy as ever. Michael, at aged 74 won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a television series, comedy or musical, for his role in The Kominsky Method at the 2019 Golden Globes. Most people are looking to retire at 60 or 65 yrs of age these days, but Michael Douglas is implementing every day to stay happy, healthy and inspired in challenge. Congratulations Michael Douglas, you truly are a legend!!

I love so many of Michael Douglas’ films including classics such as Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, The Game, Basic Instinct and Romancing the Stone. It’s incredible to think that Michael’s career has been so long and distinguished, yet he is so grounded, humble and hungry for a new challenge in new roles and movies. I loved hearing him talk about coaching. Michael spoke about how his Dad has had his Personal Trainer for over 40 years but now he has a problem. At age 102, he’s out lived his Trainer! But still, he works out every single day. Michael talked about how coaching is essential to speed up results and improve performance. He said the main area where he benefits from coaching now is to help rehearse for scripts, helping define himself better for roles and being the best version of yourself.

Coaching and accountability are critical elements to a successful body transformation. Implementing consistent change over a long period of time can be tough. But this is why our approach is different. We treat your health and fitness as preciously as our own. You become part of our family, guiding you through all the changes that need to take place to optimise your health and achieve your goals. We thrive on your success!

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