Oscar Winner is afraid of public speaking

With the Oscars being televised around the world today, it may surprise you to know that Oscar Winner, Mel Gibson is afraid of public speaking.  I learnt this when I met Mel in Los Angeles last year when he spoke to 2,500 people from 75 countries.  Who would know that an Oscar Winner would have such a fear.
BUT, Mel knew that if he was going to succeed then he had to push through the fear “just do it and don’t be afraid of failures” says Mel.
What I found interesting was that it doesn’t matter who you are, how famous you are, how rich you are or where you come from.  EVERYBODY has fears.  What separates the average person from greatness is focus, drive, determination, consistency and a burning desire to push through all fears no matter what the cost.
Most people see fear, feel potential pain and run in the opposite direction immediately.  Imagine what your life would look life if you:
·       Stopped running away from your fear,
·       Turned and faced your fear
·       Stare your fear down and said “STOP!!  I refuse to be scared anymore!”
·       Told yourself there are NO excuses
·       Refused to stop working until you got what you wanted.  No matter what!
I have a question for you.  How different would your life be if you did these things?  What would you have accomplished that you haven’t already?
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