Are you living your dreams? Do you even remember your dreams?  Or are you too busy trying to keep up with daily demands to take the time to dream?   People who do what they love are typically healthier and have lower levels of stress.  Here are 6 quick ways you can take time for you and discover what truly matters to you.

1. Set aside time for you.  Keep a journal and write in it regularly to help you stay on task and track your progress.  Think about what has ignited your imagination in the past..  Ask yourself whose life you would love to have and why.  What was particularly moving or important about them?  As you journal, note up to five things that spark your passion.

2. Pick one of your passions and brainstorm with others to identify ways you could explore it.  Take a workshop or class that touches on your passion or sign up for some part-time or volunteer work in a related area.

3. Identify roadblocks and figure out how to overcome them.

4. Define your limits.  Some questions to ask yourself: Do you need to limit your passion to hours outside your workweek?  Do family responsibilities already consume a great deal of your time?  Can you capitalise on point where your passion, job, family activities, and community may overlap?

5. List five steps you can take today.  First consider the small, easy ones that can move you closer to realising your passion.  Don’t shy away from the larger steps though.  Think of a reasonable time frames to take initial steps and look at ways to eliminate nonessential time-gobblers.

6. Now—Get Started!  Set up a schedule and do something.  Enlist your friends and family as your ‘support group’, give them updates on your progress; continue journaling; and share your feelings as you go.  After a couple weeks, evaluate how its going.  Are you healthier now than when you began?  Is this something you want to continue pursuing, or might you need to redirect your search for your passion? It was only 8 months ago that I decided to follow my dream of operating a full-time health & fitness studio…I love it, it’s my true passion!