Teaching Kids To Ride Their Bikes…Without Training Wheels

Emily 1st Bike Ride By Herself

You know those moments, those very special moments, that your children have that you have to share with the world.  Well this is one of them.

My, just turned 7yr old Emily, has been on her trainng wheels for over 6 months now and not making much progress to get off them, saying she would NEVER be able to ride a bike!  I recently have become a Cycleskills Coach accredited with Cycling Australia and I started using some of the skills I learnt instantly to help Emily get off her training wheels.

I’ve put together this great little video showing you the steps to take and some footage to show her doing it.  This may be hard to believe, but I had her riding her bike unassisted in just 12 minutes!

The first tip, NEVER put your kids on training wheels to start with.  Just follow these really simple steps and watch the magic happen!

Click this LINK to watch the video.