Tour de Champ – Client of the month

Richard Evans TDFThis month I’d like to feature someone very special who has done some truly amazing things in his life.

Richard, in his prime, was a professional bike rider and competed in both track and road cycling. A number of years ago Richard was involved in a serious accident (not related to being on a bike) and fractured his hip and tore a number of tendons in his arms and shoulder significantly impacting his day to day functionality.  After years of physical therapy, Richard, now aged 74, continues to have a strong involvement in cycling as an official in Bendigo, a keen watcher of all the pro cycling events and daily rider on his stationery bike.

By the time you get to Richard’s age, many people have given up on their fitness, but he recognises the importance of exercise and strength training in optimising his health. Well done Richard and I know you’ve enjoyed the Tour de France this year as you ride along with the riders. You’re NEVER too old to focus on improving your health and fitness. You’re awesome Dad!!