What do you do when you come face-to-face with your 90’s celebrity crush?

During the 1990’s I was a big fan of American singer-songwriter Jewel and have to admit that I did have a crush on her at the time.  Jewel has sold 30 million records and her unique sound continues to have worldwide appeal.  So, what happens when you get to meet your ‘90’s celebrity crush?  Let me give you a tip.  Don’t do what I did!  When I met Jewel in Los Angeles at a conference of 2.500 people from 75 countries last year, I froze like a deer in the headlights.  I think the photo says it all!!

But on a serious note, it was amazing meeting Jewel and listen to her talk about her mindfulness businesses and her approach to having a happy life.  Jewel said to have a happy life; “Think of a tree and branches as being the whole you.  You need to ensure that all your branches are growing and strengthening.  Otherwise you will live without harmony.”  I think that is a great likeness to how we need to develop as “whole humans.”  Strong roots (our values and beliefs), healthy mind and body to keep growing and staying strong to weather all conditions.  The stronger the winds, the tougher the timber!

What I learnt from Jewel is that she is very humble and has always wanted to be more than just a celebrity.  Jewel is an advocate of whole health – not just physical health.  She knows the importance of nutrition and says there are no short-cuts to being healthy and uses food and herbs to help heal illnesses.  Many people use food in disempowering ways that do not support our health.  This is the equivalent of poisoning your “tree”.

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