Here’s a few of Studioz’s sure fire ways to help you relax, unwind and reduce stress:

1. A hot bath with bath salts, candles and your favourite music
2. A spa, sauna or steam room visit
3. Get a massage from a reputable therapist
4. Have a mid-afternoon nap
5. Go for a walk by the beach or in a rainforest
6. Sit or lay under a tree and read a book
7. Spend time in a local botanical garden
8. Watch your favourite movie(s) at home or visit the cinema
9. Sleep in an extra hour or so on the weekend
10. Play a fun sport you haven’t participated in for some time
11. Try a new type of exercise such as Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation or swimming
12. Dine out at your favourite, healthy restaurant, with friends
13. Go way for the weekend to your favourite destination
14. Go on a relaxation, rather than action, holiday
15. Spend 15 minutes a day stretching
16. Try exercising in the morning rather than at lunchtime or evening
17. Lay down and look up at the clouds, see what you can see, don’t think!
18. Spend time following your passion
19. Love life!